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Home sewing is the new blackGiven the economic realities of the past few years, this should come as no surprise.  Helped along by top design shows such as Project Runway, the surge in handmade clothing and home décor also offers an avenue for personal creative expression.  Nothing can free the spirit and soothe the soul tied to smart phones and dumb commutes like turning out a designer frock.  Pick a knockout color and fabric combination and you will turn heads and have admirers whimpering, “Where did you get that?  I have to have one.”  Insert here a picture of you buffing your nails on your lapel and casually announcing, “Oh, this old thing?  I made it myself.”

And if the price of custom made draperies, table linens and children’s clothes gives you a case of acid reflux, then consider combing budget-friendly fabric stores to clone your own.

Whether you don’t know the sharp end of a needle from the TV remote, or you want to start a sewing business, TheHomeSewingPlace.com is your online resource for all things needlecraft.

Who are we?  The design team and fashionistas of TheHomeSewingPlace.com have decades of collective experience in teaching basic sewing, as well as advanced tailoring and pattern making, clothing design and interior decoration.  And most important, we are sewing equipment ninjas, able to guide you on every aspect of sewing machine selection, use and maintenance.  We are published authors and award-winning dress pattern designers.  We can help you learn new sewing techniques, such as making a buttonhole or sewing collars, as well as walk advanced sewers through the intricacies of fusible vs. nonfusible interfacing for that upscale look you only get with high-priced garments.  And if it is shopping day, we will take you by the hand and share our expertise to help you find sewing supplies online, such as upholstery buttons and needles, steam irons for that polished finish and the best fabrics for your projects.

Who are you? You are students of the craft, whether you have been sewing for a week, a year or a lifetime and eager to add new techniques to your sewing basket.  You sew for yourself, for your family for your home and some of you sew for money.

You are fashion lovers who want to sew beautiful clothes.  Here you will find advice for making well-fitting garments for the whole family.  We will guide you towards selecting patterns for various body types, help you choose the right fabrics for your pattern and offer color assistance to coordinate your wardrobe.  If you find yourself stuck on a new technique, don’t forget to check out our Quick Sewing Tips and Tricks and Fast Fixes for gems such as how to measure for buttonholes, select the correct thread for hemming silk, or how to untangle a bobbin.  We will feature clothes designers who will showcase the latest fashion trends. 

You are harried mothers who want your children to look as cute as the ads for half the price so you will gravitate to our special section for kids.  Here you will find ideas for projects as varied as creating soft toys, to assembling wearable, adorable outfits that won’t fall apart on the first play date and fashionable baby clothes you can make yourself.

You are creative homemakers working in or out of the home, needing to please your budget as well as your sense of taste.  Here you will find home décor ideas from a tutorial on how to make a table runner to how to measure a window for a Roman shade.

You are quilters looking for easy quilting techniques, the best place to find wire quilt hangers or help choosing between a long arm sewing machine or your old faithful.

You are sewing equipment consumers, whether you need the latest gadgetry for your sewing basket, the scoop on up to the minute sewing machines or advice on the best sewing machines for beginners, a quick review of the latest computerized sewing machines, what kind of scissor to buy and why.   Our equipment and supplies advice has been vetted by our experts.  And if you need help with sewing room organization, click here.

When you need a refresher on how to sew a collar, how to install a zipper, tips on home décor sewing patterns, advice on finding easy sewing projects for beginners, at TheHomeSewingPlace.com, you are one click away from the answer.  And if sewing scares you a bit, get the reassurance you need that you are more than capable of learning to sew.

Be sure to bookmark us for those moments when your pattern is giving garbled instructions or you haven’t sewn in a zipper in ages and you need a reminder of the steps.  Whether you are sewing plus size dress patterns, sewing kids clothes or need to understand fabric characteristics for your next project, TheHomeSewingPlace.com will take you by the hand and help you find the best solution for your needs. Check out our most popular posts for the secrets of great sewing and get started.

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