Brother 2340CV 2 & 3-Needle, 3 & 6mm COVERHEM STITCH

Brother 2340C Coverhem stitch

How many sewing machines does a sewer need?  You would think one would do the trick, until you drill down into the craft and realize that technology is as important as talent, patience and knowledge, the other essentials of the home sewer.  After all, you wouldn’t visit a commercial clothing factory and expect one machine to perform all of the tasks required to put a garment together.  So why shouldn’t seamsters have the same options?  Well, they do.

Today’s review discusses a machine that only does one thing, the Brother 2340cv coverstitch machine.  But it does it so well that it justifies the extra expense and space it takes up in the sewing room.  Of course, if you have a pricey serger rather than a budget model, then read no more.  Your serger probably offers the coverstitch.

The coverstitch machine belongs in the serger family of sewing machines.  As you would expect, it produces the coverstitch, that series of interlocked loops that you find on t-shirt hems; chain stitches and triple needle cover-hem stitches.  And does so at an amazing 1,000 stitches per minute.  Is that fast?  Well, some machines are faster but your typical sewing machine pokes along at about 300-500 stitches per minute. 

But not only is it fast, allowing you to whip through projects such as T-Shirt, hem and circular hemming (think collars and cuffs, for example), belt loop stitching and other decorative stitches, attach elastic, lace, tape and binding. 
If you work on stretch fabrics such as knits or elasticized fabric blends, then the Brother 2340cv will become your new sewing BFF.  Many of these features are possible because the Brother 2340 (like all coverstitch machines) does not have cutters that trim as you sew, allowing you to sew in the middle of your fabric.

This machine is kind to the new user, offering a color coded threading guide and a very intutitive, easy to understand users manual. 

You can dial in a wide variety of fabrics from denims to sheers and not worry about getting seams that are bunched or overly stretched.  It has a removable presser foot and several attachments are available for purchasing separately.  It offers 2 and 3 needles and 3 or 4 threads.

Though you can’t please everybody, the 2340CV received primarily positive reviews.  One reviewer complained that the hemming function did not complete the hem and he/she had to finish by hand but overall still liked the machine.  Another reviewer in Venezuela complained that it arrived with no manual or instructions.  Given the complexity of this machine, the “cons” were in the minority.

If you are assembling your stable of sewing machines and still need a serger, take a look at the Brother 1034D and featured in this article, which makes a perfect pairing of Brothers sewing machines with the 2340cv described here.  Even purchasing both machines, you will probably save money over buying a high end serger that also coverstitches.

Here are some of the Brother 2340cv features:

Huge work space (4″ x 5.5″)

Presser foot lifter

Variable stitch length: 2-4mm

Variable differential feed ratio: 0.7 – 2.0

Free arm sewing

Vertical needle drop

Slide lever adjustment for differential feed

Snap on presser foot

25 year warranty

Stitch length and differential feed dials easily accessible


Additional attachments:

SA226CV Top stitching Set

SA225CV Double Fold Binder

SA224Cv Bias Tape Binding Set

SA223CV Belt loop set for 2340CV

SA222CV Bias tape holder for 2340CV

SA221CV Hemming Set


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