Give Yourself The Gift of Giving: Sewing for charity

Sewing For Charity

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While most of us feel there are not enough hours in all of eternity to sew all the projects on our to do lists, many still find time to sew for strangers.  And they will tell you that this is the most rewarding sewing of all.  I am speaking, of course, of people who devote hours to sewing for charity.  From sewing bandages for leprosy patients to making hats for hospitalized infants to making warm coats for the homeless out of blankets, fleece and other toasty fabrics, the list of charities eager for your handiwork is seemingly endless.

If you have never made a soft, cozy hat for a preemie baby, give it a try.  See if the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you think of your gift making the struggle for life and wellbeing by that infant a bit easier doesn’t repay you a thousand fold over for your time and money.

Volunteers of all stripes insist that they get more out of what they do for others than they believe they contribute.  Even small gestures gives us a sense of purpose, and that, as they say, is priceless. This wave of good feeling that comes over us when we do for others is the best kind of selfishness.  Try it.  You might like it.

You don’t have to give your life over when you decide to sew for charity.  If you are unsure what projects would be welcome, here are a few sewing patterns that range from the very simple, to the slightly more ambitious.  The designers had charity giving in mind when they designed them.

If you find that you want to spend a good portion of your time in this charitable work, keep track of your expenses and time because they may be tax deductible (even though that is not why you are doing it).

 So what types of charities would accept your work? There are many, but look locally rather than at international charitable organizations, simply because it will be easier to drop your items off at a charity near your home than mail them, though don’t discount out of town charities as a possibility.  Look for groups with a reputation as being among the most efficient charities to be sure your work will end up where it is supposed to.  Also, focus on groups that deal directly with people, such as hospital volunteer organizations and communities groups who work with the underprivileged.

Here is a list of our top 10 charities that would welcome your work.  First off, we introduce you to Soldiers Angels that provides handcrafted goods for our troops.  There are many more. 

Any questions regarding these projects and websites should be addressed to the organization, not  Happy sewing.  In fact, this perhaps will be your happiest sewing.

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