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Sewing Machine Reviews

Sewing Machine Reviews

Sewing machines are at the center of the sewing universe and rightly so.  It probably will account for one of the largest single investment of cash and get the most use of any tool you use.  While many sewing machines are relatively inexpensive, purchasing one is not exactly like buying groceries.  Because there are so many types of sewing, and so many sewers with individual likes and dislikes, sewing machine companies offer an astounding variety of machines with more gadgets and options than the average sewer will use.  That’s the good part.  The hard part is choosing the one that is right for you.  At least for now.  Expect to own several machines in the course of your sewing life, not because they will wear out necessarily, though some will, but because your sewing needs will change.  As you become more adept at this wonderful craft, you will find many creative doors opening for you.  If you plunked down a few dollars for a used sewing machine that just does basic straight stitching to help you mend clothes and make simple household items like curtains, you will discover so many other things to sew.  And in the process, discover that you have outgrown your machine.   If you find yourself spending more and more hours sewing, you may want to upgrade to a model with more stitches, attachments or has more reliability when it comes to threading bobbins, holding the tension and general sewing power.  

To help you make decisions that will please you and ease your sewing life, we offers frequent reviews of the top sewing machines in many price ranges for the beginning sewer as well as the advanced.  But we look at more than just straight stitch sewing machines.  We will inform you about specialty tools such as servers, quilting machines and informative articles on what to look for in a sewing machine, how to use various features and accessories and general tips and techniques for getting the most out of this most important tool.  Start off by reading our top ten tips for buying a sewing machine.  Then work your way through the rest of the articles here.  And don’t forget to bookmark this page so you can check back as we make frequent updates.  Here is a catalog of our articles.

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