The Sewing Basket

Your Sewing Basket

Your Sewing Basket

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The items in the Sewing Basket range from tips on buying cool tools, efficient ways to organize your sewing life and hints on everything from making money sewing to setting up your sewing room.  Here are some articles to get you started on filling your sewing basket.

The Cutting Edge

Hand and Nail Care for Sewers

Designers to Watch:

Sewing Schools and Sewing Classes 

Sewing Classes San Francisco

How To Sew A Button

How To Make A Buttonhole

How To Earn Money From Sewing  

Dressmakers Pins and Pin Cushions

How To Read A Sewing Pattern

How To Sew A Dart

The Five Best Steam Irons For Sewers

What is a serger?

Don’t let naysayers keep you from sewing.  Learn the truth about the top five myths about sewing.

Upgrade your sewing basket with the Top Dozen Sewing Machine Accessories You Need Now.

Need help getting your space organized?  Let us help you.

Give Yourself The Gift Of Sewing: Sewing for Charity

Each week we will highlight an item that we believe is worthy of your consideration because of its usefulness, quality or price point.  Check in here regularly to see our updates that can make your sewing life easier, more productive, fun or economical.

Some of the tools and books we recommend include:

The Sewing Machine Accessories Bible




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